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With the ever growing use of mobile devises to access information online you need to be sure that your message of your business isn't being lost in the flood of information on your website and graphics and image use have a part to play in this.

Though the business primarily deals with design for print, we do enjoy getting stuck into website based graphics too.

We've been fortunate to help two fellow #SBS winners with creating graphics for their websites and wanted to give an insight into each of them.

Firstly, was approached by Puddy Pooch as they were wanting a cleaner and funkier what of presenting the various types of products they have. With their branding already striking in a vibrant pink and black, the thought was to split the colours two ways (Pink and Black) for Puddy related products and (Black and Pink) for Pooch related products. This then adds interest to the page and makes the shopper aware of a change whilst navigating through.

More recently was asked to come up with new website slider designs for GWR Fasteners front page that showcases the various aspects of the work they do along with recent online/regioanl awards that they had won. I was keen that the work was the star of the show and with still using the same font as their logo with a clean presentation combined with the black background of the website meant that the new images stood out.


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