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AWD Development Solutions Ltd

AWD Development Solutions Ltd



    Andrew Deighton


    22nd June 2020


    Derby, Derbyshire


    Business Services, Training, Consultants, Human Resource Training, Team Building, Management Training




My purpose is to deliver growth to individuals, teams and organisations. I set up AWD Development Solutions to focus on what I really enjoy doing – developing people and teams so they can grow businesses. I particularly focus on helping sole traders, individual directors and owners of micro and small businesses to develop themselves, and their people if they employ anyone.


I’m a people, team and organisation development specialist, coach, speaker and author. I spent 26 years with a FTSE100 company, and I now bring my experience and expertise to help other businesses and organisations to grow. I improve their focus, productivity and capability by training and developing their people and teams. I design and facilitate workshops, away days, conferences and meetings. I coach individuals and teams to help fulfil their potential. I started my business in April 2014 after a successful career at Rolls-Royce plc. I combine my specialist development capability and senior level HR experience with a background in engineering. This means that I deliver creative and pragmatic solutions that solve your real needs, but within the specific context of your organisation. I’ve been a member of successful project teams and senior executive business teams and I've led teams of up to 50 people, including globally. I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development with Level A & B psychometric accreditation and I'm a Member of the Professional Speaking Association. I work with ambitious individuals, businesses and organisations that want to improve their performance and that of their teams. You may be starting up a new team to deliver a project, or want a senior team to work together to define and develop a business strategy. You may have a dysfunctional team which has conflict between members, or demotivated team members with a lack of engagement. I work in the areas of organisation design and development, development strategies and processes, analysing training and development needs, designing training solutions, team development, change management, succession planning, coaching, talent management, leadership development, performance management, facility moves and start-ups, early career strategies, recruitment process design, career development, and workshop, event, conference and meeting design and facilitation.


1. Have clarity. Be clear on why you’re choosing to do what you do. What do you value? 2. Have focus. Be very specific about the service you offer. What’s your focus? 3. Value your time. Are you getting the return you want on the time you invest? Is how you spend your time moving you towards where you want to be? 4. Keep learning. Have an apprentice mentality. Are you listening to, and learning from, the right people for you and your situation? 5. Volunteer. Is there anything you would be willing and able to volunteer for? 6. Enjoy it. If you have the opportunity, and decide to set up your own business, choose to do something you really enjoy.


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