My Buzz

The main buzz is essentially to 'Dice Up the World' as the Absolute Dice concept is kind of like a 'Top Trumps for Dice', as in the basic game play can be applied to just about any concept or license.
In October 2017 we visited BLE (Brand Licensing Europe) and managed to secure a licensing deal with The emoji® Company, and in doing so, took the first step towards world domination :) By the time somebody reads this these dice will be out and available for sale, which will be a BIG Whoo Hooo moment for sure :D
So if there is anybody reading this who may like to have their own company dice game as a giveaway or to support a special event, please don't hesitate to get in touch, as we have many different designs to present #WatchThisSpace

My Bio

Absolute Dice was born out of a desire to create a fun, easy to play family game - basically a game of chance which was accessible to all and where anyone playing could be a winner.
The series of games started with Absolute Dice Original which is a number game, then came Absolute Dice Word (making words with dice), soon to be followed by the themed games Absolute Dice Sport, Christmas, Love, Holiday, Halloween and Absolute Dice Kids - a simpler version developed for the Peppa Pig generation.
We also went on to make a Drinking Game called 'Bladdered' and are just about to receive Absolute Dice emoji® our first licensed game !!
At Absolute Dice we are passionate about supporting Retail and the High Street. We are also happy to support Charities by giving away Free Games as it's all about the fun of bringing people together and showing them how easy and enjoyable it is to play these games. There are no special score sheets or complicated rules. It's simple, if you can count you can play. Have Fun !!

My Business Tips

It's a tough environment for any business in today's market place, so I would say 'Keep Focused and Never Give Up' !!

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