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We have always had a really strong community on both Facebook and twitter and the #SBS made us realise how much support we actually have! It's great hearing the kind words and having people approach us because they really back our cause! We are completely bowled over with the new followers we have gained since and have had some great advice from previous #SBS winners!

My Bio

ALLOTINABOX® provide magnificent 'Grow Your Own' boxes, encouraging anyone, anywhere to get growing food even in the heart of the city. It doesn't matter what age you are, our boxes are perfect for the novice grower or even a green-fingered expert! Our boxes contain a selection of No.1 Seeds, hand-made 'Scrubs Up' soap, Organic Jute Twine, Bespoke plant tags and lots of other growing goodies found on our ever-growing store!

We are proudly British, with all of our products locally sourced, from sustainable sources and 100% recyclable. We are ethical. We are sustainable. We are ALLOTINABOX®.

My Business Tips

First of all, write a strong business plan and learn the numbers, it will help you plot out the road ahead.

Work ethically, be kind to everyone that comes across your brand and be honest! It's true, if you help people, they will help you in some way. Along with being honest, customer service is King, so care for your customer and create something that they believe in - don't blow hot air!

Network like crazy and remember to be approachable. Help out everyone that makes the effort to connect with you and don't cut corners!

You have to remember that this is a long term game and always enjoy every moment, not forgetting to share it with your friends, family, customers and suppliers!

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