My Buzz

Don't think "buzz" quite hits the spot - definitely an understatement! This week has been an absolute whirlwind... so many wonderful messages of support and welcome from fellow #SBS Winners, lots of contacts being made and conversations being had. Easy to understand why celebs have notifications turned off... the Monday evening that we won kept the email binging and the mobiles vibrating for 4-5 hours solid.

We're incredibly proud to be part of #SBS, and thoroughly recognise the priviledge that it is to be both chosen and brought into the "family".

It's also great to be part of a movement that is actively seeking to bring micro- and small-business to the forefront of the public view in the UK and elsewhere... remember, it is we that strive to bring our customers service, standards and great products, that will revive the economy!

My Bio

Following a 12-year career with B&Q, latterly in project management, a turn of events forced me to seek pastures new. Having always aspired to running my own business, I didn't actually have a clue what type of business however, so plans were always pushed aside for the sake of a "real" career. A chance business trip however, being driven from home to the airport, sparked a life-changing conversation with a driver. A seed was sown that I could do this better, with higher standards, at similar prices, with customer service as the core value.

I launched Alpha Executive Cars in early 2013, albeit blindly, without a real clue what I was doing, but with a determination to learn, adapt, improve as time progressed. And that's what we've done... built a service in our area that meets the exact needs of our customer base. The feedback we continually receive is humbling and always ensures that we work as hard to please the next client.

One fundemental part of what I and indeed, we, now do, is continually strive for excellence - I have an unrivalled (in our industry at the very least!) passion for the customer and that's the key driver for always focusing on service and standards above all else.

Do I aspire to own the next Addison Lee or Green Tomato? Not in the slightest. In my view they're too big and with that comes loss of control when it comes to customer service, at least in my opinion. So I instead desire to build a hand-picked team to continually deliver the values that I've created. If that team ever becomes too big and the standards start to slip - then I've done something wrong. I'm a firm believer in organic, rather than forced growth... I could go out and recruit 20 new drivers tomorrow... but I'd prefer to develop 1 customer-focused chauffeur over the next year.

My Business Tips

• NEVER sacrifice your standards or quality for anyone - if you live and breathe those standards, your customers will recognise it, appreciate it and stay loyal

• If you don't have the skills to do something, either go and LEARN it until you can do it effectively, or OUTSOURCE it to an expert - it will pay dividends in the long run

• ALWAYS put the customer's needs first - if there isn't a demand for something, don't do it. If there is a demand for something, find a way to deliver it

• ALWAYS seek and gain feedback from clients, associates, suppliers, friends, family, the pet dog - and above all, act on it!

• ALWAYS ask yourself if you could be doing something better or more efficiently - if the answer is yes, change it

• If you're not PASSIONATE about what you do - stop doing it and find something else to do. Your passion will be evident to your customers and will rub off on them!

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