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Only time will tell. We were selected on Sunday and we are 2 days in. It will be interesting to see how many people know what indoor climbing is and if they don't hopefully they will ask the question or better still come indoors and have a climb.

My Bio

Alter Rock Ltd opened its doors to the general public 5th May 2008. It has seen gradual growth in its membership and usage over the past 5 years. Indoor Climbing is undertaken by everyone, it is enjoyed by males and females of any age and any ability and it doesn't matter how well you climb you will go through the same experiences as any other climber. The only relationship between indoor and outdoor climbing is that you both go up. People come indoor climbing like other people use a gym, except indoor climbing is more social.

My Business Tips

Be prepared
Communication - make sure people know whats happening.
Passion - When you stop being passionate about your business its time to stop and do something else.
Read - read books about people that have achieved, not just in business.
Listen - people like to talk, listen and you might learn something.

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