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#SBS was a great treat - it boosted our online traffic and brought us lots of new followers on Twitter.

My Bio

After a busy and successful marketing career with a number of global brands I decided to embrace the challenge that I had been thinking about for a while. I always dreamed of creating an lifestyle brand from scratch and grow it using my passion for socially-charged e-commerce. As a strong believer in the power of healthy body, peaceful mind and inspiring space I created Aneesi to inspire others to make wellbeing a part of their lifestyles.

At Aneesi, we believe that everyone deserves to feel great and look incredible. We encourage our customers to enjoy looking after themselves and their personal space. We bring them towels for bathroom and leisure, dressing gowns and bath accessories. They are colourful, beautifully designed and a pleasure to use.

We know that our customers have unique tastes and that's how they like it. Aneesi helps them infuse their days with creativity and style. Too much time is pretty rare, isn't it, so the time they have for themselves should be a great time. If it's forgettable, it's not great. So we encourage them to replace mundane with exciting - one towel at a time - and find new ways to express their personality with confidence. Our mission is to inspire their lifestyles with design and that's why we don't do dull - if it hasn't got character it has to wait outside.

My Business Tips

1. Make sure you absolutely want this. Many curveballs will be thrown your way and you need resilience to power through.
2. Don't let fear make your decisions.
3. Failing is good for you. Expect to fail, learn from the experience and move on stronger.

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