My Bio

We are three family members that live in Leicestershire with our two dogs, four cats chickens & ducks who love all things crafty who took the drastic and crazy plunge in 2009 to start 'Annettes Allsorts'.

We are Designers, Makers and Photographer all rolled into one large ball, It all started with Norma (Mum & owner) who taught Annette (Daughter & social media boss) how to sew, stick & mend anything from fabric to card and a lot more in between then we both taught Chris (Son) all we knew.

It is very much a family run business and we love & enjoy everything we do and make, how we can make our products extra special for you our customer.

We haven't got degree's or qualifications for the things we do or make we are all self taught, when we say 'Hand Embroidered' that's exactly what we mean not by a machine but by our own hands. Nothing will be exactly the same that's what makes it special and that's why we went into business so we can share our special and creative work with you.

We are always thinking and making new items so its always worth having a peek :)

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