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My Twitter followers have gone through the roof - after months of trying, it was fantastic to be chosen as one of the #sbs winners on 19/11/12

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Antique 2 Chic recreates history with a bespoke modern twist. Igniting the past with a life line to the modern world, we find distinctive pieces of antique upholstered furniture and nurture them, re-captivating their heritage with a 21st Century creative eye.

With years of experience, Antique 2 Chic has the knowledge and craftsmanship in all aspects of furniture repair and restoration preserving the grace, charm and integrity of each piece. With these skills and the outstanding quality of our in house upholstery, we produce amazing pieces of bespoke furniture which can be commissioned by us or by you. From Vintage to Renaissance, Victorian to Art Deco, it is our passion to revive the story and re-tell the tale.

From modern day city apartment to corporate reception, rustic country retreat to townhouse boutique, luxury show home to flamboyant film set, our ambition is to offer a range of luxury antique upholstered furniture, individually designed to recapture history with a contemporary charm which could fit into any lifestyle or fictional setting.

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Never give up, and believe in yourself! Success doesn't happen overnight but keep going, and you will get there.

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