My Buzz

We got our re-tweet in May 2014. In the early days it was so busy. Our Twitter feed took on a life of its own and the messages of support and congratulations were incredible. Since, then we've attended the event at the ICC in Birmingham which was fun and useful. We've received a great deal of interest in our win, it has added a certain credibility to our business for sure and the support from fellow winners is amazing.

My Bio

Whilst on holiday in Finland in the 1990's we were introduced to the concept of the Barbecue Cabin, shortly afterwards Arctic Cabins was born. We are a Barbecue Cabin manufacturer and retailer, we have been making and selling Barbecue Cabins for more than 15 years.

Based in Derbyshire, we have our own factory and make all our cabins. We also have a show site displaying more than 15 cabins and timber buildings. We supply cabins across the UK and Europe, we are very proud of the quality of our buildings and what we do.

My Business Tips

- Learn from your mistakes.
- Work hard.
- Recruit well and invest in your staff.

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