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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business the quick succession of new followers and links throughout the whole #sbs community has been overwhelming in helping my business progress further.

My Bio

Lauren Lewsey came up with the concept in September 2010, after hearing from her friends and colleagues how much easier life would be if they had one outfit for work that with a few tweaks, they can wear straight out in the evening! Lauren approached her very talented friend, Eva Georgiou and asked her to be Chief Designer for the brand. Since then Lauren & Eva have been busy working hard to create a stunning ready to wear range, for all you fashionistas out there! We now also stock our slogan 'work hard play hard' tops and a range of stunning accessories all handmade exclusively for a&b.

My Business Tips

Network, network, network! You never know who can help your business grow in what way. The more contacts you have in as many different fields as possible the more growth can be expected. Also perseverance, belief and commitment are essential ingredients.

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