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We are Lina & Jenny Hogg, the mother & daughter team behind Arya Candles, a socially and environmentally conscious candle company, crafting luxurious products in Suffolk, England. Our candles are made with natural wax and the finest quality essential oils, blended by us to create exquisite unique aromas with therapeutic benefits. Each candle contributes towards supporting women in war-torn countries, via the charity Women for Women International.

Arya Candles is a brand that dares to be bold and unique in a market that we believe needs revitalising. Our mission is to create a luxury brand known for its high-quality natural products and strong social conscience.

We are preparing for a complete makeover, and working with an award-winning design innovation agency, we are ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign on the investment platform, Seedrs.

My Bio

Arya Candles was born out of a power cut and two creative and resourceful minds. After melting down old wax to make new candles, we began investigating how candles are made. We discovered that majority of candles are made with paraffin wax. We began to research sustainable, natural sources of wax. After initially using soy wax from the US, we finally discovered rapeseed wax which is grown and produced in the UK/Europe. Not only is this a natural wax, but it also reduces our carbon foot-print.

At Arya Candles we are incredibly passionate about our brand and the positive ripple effect we create globally. Our core beliefs are at the centre of everything we do, and will endeavour to do in the future. In creating Arya Candles, there are many things we wish to achieve, such as encouraging people to consider the ingredients in products they buy, as well as the far reaching positive impact they can create by shopping purposefully.

My Business Tips

If we didn't persevere, we wouldn't be where we are today.

If we didn't have fun along the way, we wouldn't be where we are today.

And if we didn't have a passion for doing good through business, well... we wouldn't be where we are today.

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