My Buzz

It's such an honour to be chosen for SBS. Since it was announced that we were chosen, our Twitter went wild, our sales went up and our website traffic tripled in the space of a few hours.We feel so honoured. Thank you!

My Bio

In 2010, a crude mock up of what we thought a sledge should be like emerged from our garden shed because after spending some time on the slopes, there was nothing out there that provided enough versatility in which you can have fun, in a quality, high spec affordable product. So we created Axiski, a product that we think a sledge should have always been. It's high quality, it's sexy, it's modern, it's safe and it works!

Axiski's main position is to use it like a snowboard, stand up on it. You can also use it like a normal sledge, by sitting on it, lying on it or sharing it by having 2 people on it at the same time.

My Business Tips

Don't be put off by how long it might take to achieve a goal in business. It took us 4 years to design and get Axiski to market but once you're there, it's always worth the wait. So, keep at it, stay cool and work hard!

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