My Buzz

Tell us how #SBS has affected your business: From the moment Theo Paphitis chose me for #SBS I have had an increased interest in baby signing and the company in general. After meeting Theo and teaching him some sign language I have had even greater success in franchising the business.

My Bio

I am Louise, the founder of Baby Signing Mummy. The company facilitates and teaches parents and carers to communicate with their babies and children using basic sign language. I have developed the Baby Signing Mummy Method which is now an award winning method of communication. The business saw phenomenal growth within it's first year, and by the second year was able to branch out into franchising. I now have 7 franchisees who own their own branch of Baby Signing Mummy.

My Business Tips

My business tips are
1) To focus your business on something you are passionate about, so that you never loose interest in what you are doing
2) To think BIG! and always believe that you can Just Do It
3) Treat everything as a learning curve and move onwards

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