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The Bad Dog Designs workshop is located in the heart of Staffordshire where we aim to create unique and individual clocks from original vintage Nixie tubes.
Nixie tubes were once popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s and used in many electronic gadgets of the time, from petrol pumps to military equipment. Long since out of production, each clock is made from salvaged tubes or from uncovered old stock lost in warehouses. The tubes have a distinctive orange glow and real depth of movement as each digit is stacked behind other within the tube.
Every clock is handmade, more a piece of art than a timepiece – by their very nature they are individually constructed from recycled equipment, or original vintage items. Inside however, the latest microprocessor technology is used to drive these long forgotten tubes.

My Bio

Born in Birmingham in 1972, I am an electronics engineer with some 25+ years’ experience in this field. A lifelong constructor of electronic gadgets and creations and now devoted my attentions to Nixie tubes and the aesthetics of the Steampunk Genre to create some superb and individual timepieces. Well known within the Nixie community and featured nationally in various gadget and interior magazines, I now produce and supply Nixie clocks around the globe.

My Business Tips

Always work from the heart, and put 110% into whatever it is you are doing. People can see passion and care in finished work - make sure you put it there!

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