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#SBS has increased our presence of social media making more potential customers aware of our pubs and what we do!

My Bio

Banwell House Pub Company Ltd was started in the beginning of 2010 by Toby Brett.

Today Banwell House own three pubs, each pub is individual but there are design similarities that run through all of the pubs and they all share the same values of the best service, great beers and a place you will go for lunch and will still not want to leave in the evening.

The three pubs are - The Duke of Cumberland, Holcombe, The Three Horseshoes, Chapmanslade, The Rose & Crown, Trowbridge.

All the pubs open from 10am in the morning and are open throughout the day.

My Business Tips

Always trust your instincts. Do not be afraid to admit if you have made the wrong call. Never take you eye of the costs. Copying a good idea is not a crime - there is know point reinventing the wheel. Know your market and exceed their expectations.

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