My Buzz

SBS has given us unbelievable exposure to a whole new client base. The buzz created on social media has resulted in a huge increase in inquiries and interest in my business.

My Bio

After spending 15 years in bars across the country I decided it was time to do the hard work for my own benefit and not that of others. With a real interest in cocktails, I wanted to set up a business that allowed people to enjoy outstanding cocktails, with high end service at their event, whether it was a small intimate get together or large scale wedding. The business quickly blossomed and we became specialists in creating bespoke cocktails to match the events.

My Business Tips

1) Believe in yourself and your brand. Don't panic when things don't go as well as you would like them to, keep the faith and don't change your concept unless you really have to!
2) Never stop learning. If you believe you're at the top of your game, the only way to go is backwards!
3) Whatever you do, do it to the very highest standards. If you can't do a job properly, don't take it on!
4) If you employ staff, be the best boss they ever had!
5) Be your brand! If you don't live it, no-one else will!

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