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We serve sustainably-sourced speciality coffee, seasonal fresh food, cocktails and craft beer in beautifully thought out spaces. We're super passionate about what we do and we're pretty set on world domination...

My Bio

BEAR was conceived out of a passion, not just to offer great coffee, but also to create a great environment in which to enjoy it. Founded in 2014, it was the realisation of a vision that co-founder Craig Bunting had in Australia whilst enjoying such an experience and wondering why he was unable to do so back in the UK.

Craig shared his vision with an old school friend Michael Thorley and the pair, both with the same love for coffee and a keen sense of adventure, set about researching the market, learning about the product and developing their skills with a view to creating something special.

The entrepreneurial pair identified a gap in the UK market, specifically in market towns and cities around the Midlands where there was nothing competing with the large chains – they decided to open a single site in their hometown as a concept, allowing them to fine-tune a model that could be rolled out throughout the UK and internationally.

It all started with a coffee…

My Business Tips

- Find your purpose, and set it as a benchmark for everything you do.
- Be patient. It's a marathon, not a sprint!
- Don't let money be your first motivator. Find a niche in the market and use your expertise to solve the problem. Passion grows business.
- Stick to your beliefs.
- Write 'To Do' lists.
- You're only as good as your team!
- Invest in your family.
- Hire a tip-top Marketing Apprentice that writes good tweets to help you win competitions like this one ;)

- And most importantly...DRINK GOOD COFFEE!

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