My Buzz

Thrilled with all the new Twitter followers and the huge number of tweets congratulating us on our SBS victory!

The orders and emails flooded in immediately - good times.

My Bio

Bertie & Jack design, manufacturer and retail fun, colourful artwork guaranteed to make its customers smile.

Started in 2010 selling from a suitcase on the high streets of Bath, now a tidy little business ready to expand further.

Hugely motivated and massively ambitious. Bertie & Jack plan to take over your home!

My Business Tips

1. Aim high - sounds an obvious one, but if you want to be the best, do everything you can to be it. From day one, we've always treated Bertie & Jack like the big business it intends to be. Even the suitcase we used to sell from was branded and beautifully merchandised - just like any other retailer.

2. Don't cut corners with quick fixes, always think long-term. Quick fixes come back and bite you on the backside - youch!

3. Delegate when necessary. Bertie & Jack sticks to what it's good at and when we need help in areas we're not familiar with, we happily pay people for their skills.

4. Enjoy the ride - what's the point in all the hard work if you don't enjoy it?!

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