My Buzz

Since October 2019, BHLM has ran a weekly class for preschoolers supporting their emotional development and positively impacting the future of their mental health. In this class, they are taught:

  • Take a Breath
  • Emotion Awareness
  • Use our Senses
  • Being Kind

Which includes activities to support a growth mindset, executive function skills and calming strategies for distressing emotions.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we took our classes online and won #SBS. Since then, we have launched a resource store, training, workshops. more classes and free support groups.

The goal? To educate, inform, target social inclusion, mental well-being and better the mental health of all.

Statutory services cannot cope with the overwhelming need required by then to support our children, young people & families.

We believe that teaching these vital life skills and informing of what happens in the brain and why, is enough to early intervene on serious mental health concerns later in life.

My Bio

My name is Laura, I’ve started this business through a passion for children’s learning and development.
I work hard and put all my energy into BHLM as it’s my passion.

I’m a Mummy Mind to a 6 year old an 8 month old and - little French bulldog.