My Buzz

Blown away to have become an #SBSWinner. Looking forward to meeting more of you at the February event and over on Twitter... (it's still Twitter right...)

My Bio

I'm Tony, I own BITSmart Technology Ltd.

The business was founded in November 2019; I had hit the glass ceiling and had become despondent in my role as Head of IT for a procurement franchise business. I had put business cases forward and the last one was around drinking our own kool-aid and doing what we support franchisees to do for ourselves and focusing on technology as opposed to utilities.

They weren't confident that I could do it... so I set the business up as a way to prove to myself that I could do it... then Covid happened and it was the best thing for me and the business as I was getting paid 80% of my salary each month to sit at home and work on my business.

I networked online like a demon to get some work in the door; and as I became known, liked and trusted it did. I had to do other things to supplement my income when I was eventually made redundant (worked nights at a supermarket, and developed a training programme for a Housing Association) but as business owners we do what we have to to reach our goal.

I've now been full-time in the business for 18 months and I love the customers I work with and I hope they love me too...

My Business Tips

My top tips:

Set up Multi-Factor Authentication on every online account that you can - yes its a pain in the butt, however - it could be the difference between your account remaining yours or not.

Use a password manager - don't use the same password for everything, and don't write passwords down on post it notes... if anything - bin the post it's (Sorry Theo).

If in doubt - ask an expert for help!