My Buzz

Removable Glue for Bricks and Blocks and toys that fall apart!

We want to increase play and make toys like Lego even more fun and accessible by making sure they can be handled and played with... but we want bricks and blocks to be used again and again, so our glue washes off so that creations can be built again and again without damaging the blocks and reducing the chance of losing precious parts!

We aim to:

-Encourages creative building

-Reduce frustration

-Adds build stability

-Encourages active role-play with sets

-Reduce the chance of lost pieces

-Biodegradable and washable

-CUSTOMISE suitable clothes and accessories with your favorite bricks

-Remove and re-customise your bricks - just wash off the glue with water!

Our fantastic glue can also be GREAT for crafting and is super strong on wood, paper, leather, and more making it the perfect choice for all sorts of projects.