My Buzz

I love creating planting plans and designing gardens but realise this isn't everyone's cup of tea, so I created garden border templates, beautifully packaged in a tin, which enable anyone to create a pretty border, easily and in less than a day! There are currently 5 designs to choose from - Sunny, Shady, Evergreen, Contemporary and English Cottage style - each tin contains a design template, so you know what plant goes where! A plant list detailing each plant along with a photo and flowering times. Some top-tips and a packet of seeds to help anyone new to gardening or time poor to create a beautiful border.

My Bio

I was in corporate IT sales for 20 years, but after moving into a new build property the garden was the last 'room' to get decorated, but I had zero budget left and I was overwhelmed by the blank canvas and didn't know where to start.
I managed to create a pretty garden, and lots of neighbours and friends started asking me to help them with their gardens.
So I studied at a horticultural college and then left corporate life to set up my own business and that was the start of Border in a Box as I knew there are so many people out there that need help in turning their tiny back gardens into something pretty and interesting, which my gift tin can help them easily achieve..

My Business Tips

Life is all about balance - whenever the going gets tough, look for the good as it's there somewhere!

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