My Buzz

#SBS has gained me many followers and brilliant contacts that have purchased from me and also gave me advice. The help of winning has been invaluable.

My Bio

Im 14 years old (so the youngest SBS winner to date! woo) and when I was 8 I went into my first venture, running a sweet shop from my shed! Well the tradition has stayed but I have expanded to E-commerce with a website receiving thousands of views and also specialising in bringing foreign goods (mainly from USA And South Africa) here to the uk. I have tried out many other ventures such as online gadget shops but in the next year I hope to work alongside someone into bringing a new Directory Enquiry SERVICE into the market and also create a product/white label. I have also set up my own charity in memory of my brother who passed away from cancer aged 14, to date I have raised over £65,000 for Cancer charities and hope to raise well over £100,000 in 2012.

My Business Tips

Don't make enemies, those who you meet on the way up you may meet on the way back down...

Getting contacts is vital for anything, especially business, never be afraid of being cheeky and pestering the media to run an article on you.

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