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Just a few hours after the retweet we had a huge number of new followers and a spike in traffic to our site! Looking forward to see how things develop.

My Bio

Established in the United Kingdom in 2009, Breffo launched its first product; the Spiderpodium, to huge acclaim. After identifying the market need for a cross functional and universal holder for the growing smartphone and hand-held gadget industry, we went straight to work designing an accessory to accommodate multiple devices and thus, the multi award winning Spiderpodium was born. Following the success of the Spiderpodium, the 'big brother' Spiderpodium Tablet version quickly followed. Breffo continued its rapid growth globally and opened in the USA as Breffo LLC in early 2010.

All Breffo Product is manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom and shipped Worldwide.

The Breffo range of products are now actively selling in over 55 countries worldwide with its British based creative design team at the heart of all new product development. British Design. Modern Adventure.

My Business Tips

We focus on simplifying and improving function and mesh this with modern design and form.
We see everyday items and figure out ways to improve them through both design and function

We also seek to resolve issues in function through innovation.

We do not focus on the financial bottom line all of the time as that detracts from advancing in design and innovation and helps ensure quality is very high in everything we do.

We also seek to surround ourselves with the best talent in the industry as we believe a good team is key to success in business.

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20% off Basket total on using code 'SBS20' at the checkout. Multi Award-winning products made exclusively in the UK.

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