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Tell us how #SBS has affected your business - have only just heard! Very excited and completely thrilled.

My Bio

Just coming up to four years ago, I was asked to produce some distinct and contemporary playing cards by one of our customers (I'm also involved with bespoke printing with my husband). The idea appealed hugely as I am a happy (but not necessarily very good) card player. I use the last English based card printing firm in England and have been gently building up our range which now includes Candles made in Derbyshire and super-long matches. I love what I do. I am married with 3 children and live just outside Banbury in North Oxfordshire. I have just been made a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of
Playing Card Makers, of which I am the only woman who makes cards!

My Business Tips

Do what you enjoy, as you work harder.
Regularly re-assess what you are doing.

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