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We have been winners for only a couple of hours and up to now we have received numerous congratulation messages and new followers on twitter but watch this space!!! Thank you Theo for sharing our business!

My Bio

Bridgewater Boating Holidays hit the historic waters of the Bridgewater Canal when the first boat 'Rocky' was launched.

Hiding behind the boats, or luxury cruisers as I prefer to call them, is me, Aiden. I have lived near the canal in Boothstown, Worsley all my life and saw a business opportunity to enable others to enjoy 250 years of English heritage by investing in a canal boat to hire.

Rocky, named after my Granddad was closely followed by a 2nd canal boat 'Lucy Joe', named after our 2 little pirates. My other half, Rachel also gets roped into the business and helps with social networking and dare I say it, cleaning.

Since the launch of Rocky our boats have been used to by BBC Radio Manchester to broadcast from and also seen on TV when the BBC filmed Russell Watson presenting for the Songs of Praise on board Lucy Joe.

We believe that everybody should be able to enjoy the canal and with that in mind Lucy Joe was designed with access for wheel chair users. We hope many people get the chance to ‘let the world drift by’ and experience a world of ever changing scenery, friendly pubs and restaurants, historic towns, modern waterside attractions and nature at it's best.

My Business Tips

Believe in yourself, believe in your business.

Keep trying! Don't sit around waiting for things to happen,

... if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

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