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My Bio

Hi – I’m Jo, the founder of Bright Cat Business Solutions.

I didn’t start my career as a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager.

More years ago than I perhaps care to remember, I worked in the management and administration teams of the NHS and the Department of Work and Pensions

I watched many people start their careers in the administration department.

But a lot of them couldn’t wait to ditch the data entry, calendar management and document creation in pursuit of management responsibilities.

That’s when I realised I was a little bit unique. A little bit different.

The administrative jobs that others seemed to dislike and couldn’t wait to get away from? I loved them!

I became really good at business admin.

I became really fast and efficient at business admin.

But as much as I genuinely enjoyed the work, I realised that working in the administration teams of public sector organisations probably wasn’t going to give me the flexibility or financial freedom that I wanted.

So I decided to freelance as a virtual assistant, and allow other businesses to benefit from my passion and expertise with marketing tasks.

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