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Just been to the SBS event2015 and loved it, thanks Theo xx

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On the rather crazy day we launched in April 2013 we had a range of 17 20-inch confetti filled balloons with handmade tails including a get well balloon, a good luck balloon, a balloon of peace and of course a birthday balloon!! We sent each of them out to a range of press, bloggers and wedding planners and we haven’t looked back since!!

Our first year has been an amazing ride; we have been honoured to work with some incredible clients including Givenchy, Revlon, TOWIE, Hello Magazine and L’Oreal as well as some wonderful brides, bloggers and photographers. We have loved all of it including growing our Social Media networks organically and with a real passion and pride for what we are doing.

The balloons have taken us far away from where we imagined they would, we have been inspired and driven by unusual and wonderful requests and we haven’t stopped growing, developing, using new techniques and adding new products and on our anniversary we are launching a new product to celebrate…watch this space!

Personally we feel our backgrounds led us to this – we have all been keen crafters and sewers for a long time, we even have a home economics textiles GCSE between us! That and a business degree, management experience, and a range of craft skills, keen eyes for design and a bit of experience in running a business has given us the skill set to drive Bubblegum Balloons forward.

Bubblegum Balloons is so much more than a business to us, we are spilling over with new ideas, we can hardly keep up with ourselves, not quite enough hours in the day! We are also passionate about customer service and nothing makes us happier or prouder than a client who is in love with our creations.

The three of us are also all Mum’s with a brood of 5 between us, who fortunately are all great friends. We spend a lot of time together at play dates, dinners, visits to our favourite local, and we are the best of friends.

Currently we have a range of 28 different gift balloons for all occasions each named individually, they have changed 3 or 4 times over since we began, I think the Superstar – a hot favourite - is the only original in there! And we have a range of 3-foot tassel tail balloons and garlands that you can buy directly on our site.

As well as this we offer a bespoke custom made service where we design bespoke balloons for a specific event or occasion.

We love what we do and that passion comes out in the amazing balloons we make!! We are on a journey to make people happy with our balloon creations!!

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Find something you love doing and do it to the very best standard you possibly can. Be inspired and surround yourself by inspiring people. Win #SBS!!!!

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