My Buzz

After overcoming my own debilitating fears of snakes and spiders i became determined to show others they can too.

I own over 120 animals including tarantulas, snakes, spiders and lizards. I take my animals into schools, beavers, parties and even weddings introducing them into the world of exotic animals. By providing a hands-on experience adults and children learn much more about how they work and dispells any irrational fears or theories.

The majority of my animal collection comes from rescued animals and re-homes we have received. Unfortunately a lot of people buy exotic creatures for the novelty and dont offer them the correct care or diet required for maintaining a healthy animal. I take in animals with all manner of ailments and provide them with the specialist vetinary care they require alongside the set ups required to get them well once again.

Education is our main focus. The more people we can educate in the ownership, upkeep and maintainance of these creatures the less we will see requiring immediate veterinary assistance. We will also see more animals living in suitable and happy environments.

My Bio

I am a Mum of 2, studying chemistry and biology whilst running a successful business. I have a team of 6 people who have as much love for the exotic animals as i do, determined to educate everyone in the upkeep and maintenance of keeping them.

Education, education, education is the main purpose of Bugs n Bones.

My Business Tips

Show your enthusiasm at every opportunity. People will buy into your enthusiasm if you are excited and love what you do.

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