My Buzz

So far I have a lot of new Twitter followers and a lot of people congratulating me.

My Bio

I am a designer (print & web) and illustrator by trade. When I got pregnant with my daughter I didn't want to go back to my Head of Design job as I couldn't bare office politics. I had already started the shop up 3 years previously but it was selling adults tshirts, jewellery, accessories, art and comics. I didn't really know how to market this plus it was something just bubbling away in the background while I was at my full time job. So once Evie came along I thought it would be a perfect time to channel my energy into the shop and turn it into a kids boutique whilst still raising Evie and getting a good work/family life balance.

My Business Tips

Don't spend money on advertising. Use social media as much as possible and get friendly with journalists and bloggers. This costs time but doesn't make an indent on the bank balance.

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