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Loving all the new interest our business is receiving. Increased website traffic since our #SBS win has resulted in steadily increasing sales.

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Button Music are a husband and wife team who have both been secondary school science teachers. It is through teaching, their enthusiasm for children, love of technology and Brett's musical background that they have been drawn to this exciting venture.
Brett has had experience as both a recording and live musician on the tough working men's club circuit in the North of England. On getting a job as a science teacher, the gigs became more modest, touring stopped but he was no less busy playing weddings and local restaurants in an acoustic trio. On becoming a father, his playing live days came to an end, however he still needed an outlet for his obsession with music. While writing and singing songs for his Son to help him get into a bedtime routine, Sarah had the idea of making personalised music for children.
Sarah quickly got to work developing a website and online shop selling the "Bedtime CD" which was followed quickly by a Birthday and a Christmas Cd which have a broader appeal and are not just aimed at small children.
They specialise in providing music for children with unusual names. Brett boasts smugly that he hasn't been beaten yet, although the Christmas cd has come pretty close as the songs are not his own and have had to stay close to the arrangements of the original songs.
Recently they have taken the idea of providing bespoke music one step further and have been commisioned to write songs for all sorts of occasions including an alternative best man's speech, a retirement and even a marriage proposal.

My Business Tips

We're new to running our own business but our tips would be:
Stay positive!
Never be afraid to ask for help and advice.

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