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Since winning #SBS on 01/04/2012, it has increased the awareness of my brand but above all it has given me a feeling of a worth - it is always nice to be acknowledged. I hope that this will bring a network of people together and support each other.

My Bio

Cafe Blend was incorporated in February 2010 and opened in Birmingham city centre in June 2010. Since then we have developed a strong brand and have opened up a pop site in Manchester in December 2011 for one year. Cafe Blend is going strength to strength with a very ambitious future ahead; we aim to be the UK's first chain of coffee bars. Since winning the SBS award we also win "Best Midlands Emerging Brand 2012" in the Birmingham Made Me Awards.

We offer over 150 flavours of coffees, teas, frappes and iced drinks including our very popular coffee cocktails and coffee martinis. Each recipe has been inspired by my travels across the globe and is synonymous with my memories; places I had seen, people I had met, books I read and of course, the 289 coffee outlets I frequented in four months of believing I was leaving the UK indefinitely. Thank goodness people are right when they say that life never turns out how you planned it from the start.

Cafe Blend embodies a romanticism for coffee and a love for discovering what experiments can be achieved with a shot of espresso. We celebrate the differences in coffee cultures in their roasting, technique, flavours and presentation; and the commonality we share - a love for the enjoyment that coffee can bring.

Cafe Blend is a blend of quality, authentic flavours inspired from around the world, a blend of coffee by day and liqueur concoction by night. I aimed to open a true coffee-bar offering a menu full of delicious espresso recipes; with a part waiter service and open until late.

For the rest you will have to wait for my "travel guide to coffee recipes" be published!

In 2011 Cafe Blend set up Ladies That Latte (a women's business network organisation) which allows like-minded women to get together in a relaxed environment to discuss all things business.

My Business Tips

Be passionate, have a unique selling point and learn from your mistakes.

Do not take too much stock into what your competitors say and what they are doing – finding your own path and your concept and following dream will lead to some success.

Passion & Drive
For me - I love Cafe Blend and everyday it reminds me of a time in my life that has been hugely significant, it changed me and made me the person I am today. I never regret this decision to go into business and I will never give up the path to achieving my goal of ensuring Cafe Blend's standards are maintained - above all, Cafe Blend must be enjoyed and provide the perfect outlet for people to relax and to be adventurous.

My Latest Offers

The Ladies That Latte National Business Awards Dinner - a Cafe Blend event. Email for info on how to nominate

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