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Winning #SBS is the ultimate affirmation that our business is a fantastic idea! We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving all the messages from well-wishers, new connections and new conversations and look forward to being part of the #SBS family.

Thank you Theo for this great opportunity on behalf of small businesses all over the UK!

My Bio

I set up Café Kidz in the UK in 2013 after quitting my career in software to start a business which can fit better around my family. The Cafe Kidz idea was originated in Australia by children's educator and friend, Robyn Holdsworth. Having spent many years in café environments with toddlers and children, I loved the idea of Café Kidz packs when Robyn first introduced them to me several years ago. Amazed that there were (and still are!) such limited options to keep children entertained when out and about, I brought them to the UK. Australia and the UK work closely together to design the packs to provided optimum fun at a low cost.

Our activity packs are high-quality, compact in size and keep children aged 3 to 9 busy for over an hour. What started out as a cafe/restaurant/hotel proposition, we are now expanding into holiday parks, service stations, car showrooms, marketing suites, travel and events...anywhere adult carers need an uninterrupted conversation whilst the little people are kept busy in a fun and traditional way.

My Business Tips

- Your business should be your passion so that you put the required level of energy into it

- Even the most skilled business owner isn't the best at everything - always accept help & advice

- "Do one thing everyday that scares you" - Eleanor Roosevelt

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