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Chauffeured river tours with the best independent punting tour operator in Cambridge! Sit back, relax, and soak up the history!

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Established in 2003, Cambridge River Tours brings to your tour a wealth of local knowledge and experience that ensures your trip along the beautiful Cambridge University college backs will be an experience to remember – and one that you’ll be sure to repeat at every opportunity!

Our punt chauffeurs are well trained and highly experienced. If you’ve ever tried to drive a punt yourself you’ll know just how much skill it takes – and these guys make it look easy. Whilst they expertly guide you through the backs, they’ll deliver their personal take on the history of Cambridge, and share with you a wealth of local secrets to take home with you.

When you book with Cambridge River Tours you get professional service from beginning to end – it’s the reason that so many of our customers return again and again, sometimes even on the same day!

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