My Buzz

#SBS has given me exposure to an audience I could only dream of reaching! The night I won my twitter feed went crazy with congratulations from so many people. It has also introduced me to potential new suppliers which will benefit both parties.

My Bio

Canine World was set up in 2012 when I became frustrated that I couldn't get everything I needed for our rescue dog, Indra. I also wanted to help dog owners who needed advice as well as supporting dog charities. Since then there has been a steep but thoroughly enjoyable learning curve, getting to grips with website design, marketing & social media. Right now, I'm very excited about the future!

My Business Tips

Be organised, tenacious & creative. Don't be afraid of new ideas, just because someone else isn't doing it already, it doesn't mean it won't work. Use free marketing wherever possible, keeping costs to a minimum will give you the freedom to try new things. Not everything will work, but some will & that is the best feeling!
Most of all work hard & enjoy!

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