My Buzz

I got fed up removing tape from wrapping paper in order to recycle the gift wrap.

Now I design eco-friendly paper tape. You can make presents look awesome with 100% recyclable wrapping paper and tape.

It's great for packaging too making your cardboard boxes a completely compostable packaging solution.

I've been running a small business selling cards, gift wrap, stationery, traditional advent calendars and more since 2012. When I decided to design some eco-friendly patterned packaging tape to post my Christmas orders it had an unexpected result.

Not only were customers keen to buy the tape for their posted parcels but they started using it on their gift wrapping too and so the business started to grow.

If you are looking for simple ways to go green then you cannot get much simpler than changing from plastic to paper sticky tape.

Once you have made the switch you will not want to go back.

Patterned paper tape is prettier, easier to use as you can rip it if you do not have scissors to hand. It adds to the beauty of the gift wrapping itself. And best of all you do not have to remove it to recycle the paper.

My Bio

I live in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. I gave up my 'proper job' when I had our first child and with 4 children and an author for a husband my Cards and Gift Wrap business is my me-time.

Living on the islands we are surrounded by beautiful beaches and scenery but we also see first hand the effect of plastics and pollution. I want to use my business to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up inside the stomachs of whales we find washed up on our shores.

I hope you'll join me in making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives.

My Business Tips

We regularly do beach cleans here on the Isle of Lewis. It's really hard to stop picking up litter once you've started. It becomes too easy to feel bad about the bits you might have missed and forget about the huge bags of litter you've collected.

In other words remember to focus on what you do, not what you can't do.