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Just read Theos book after he had the decency to include us in the SBS.
You are inspiration to us all.

My Bio

Sailed the seven seas in the Royal Navy for 23 years. In that time I learnt much about engineering from manufacturing sewage pipes to repairing Rolls Royce Gas Turbines. I also did a GCSE in business studies when I was 35 whilst at sea and got my first ever grade A ( I wasn't too clever at school!).
The business studies course had a unit in it that required the student to write out an imaginary business plan for a business they might create. I wrote a plan to start a holiday company in Plymouth and when I returned back to port I did exactly that. It was so successful, when I was offered a further ten years in the navy I was able to turn down the offer and went on to develop a couple more holiday businesses before getting involved in house restoration in 2005 and eventually starting the cast iron air bricks company in 2007

My Business Tips

The art of good customer service is ...

Be as enthusiastic to refund as you were to take the money in the first place and learn and listen to what your customer actually wants (rather than what you want to sell them)

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