My Buzz

Murals have the power to engage, inform and inspire audiences of any age. They have the power to transform a blank wall into something else, whether that be an advertisement, a educational tool, an aid to memory or magical world. I like to make every mural personal, unique to the person commissioning it and I believe that interpreting my clients brief and understanding what they want to achieve is just as important as the physical painting. As a result, my murals last a long time and are loved by everyone that sees them.

My Bio

Hi, I am Sarah and I started as an Interior Designer back in the 1980s (yes, I really am that old!). I used to commission mural artists as part of my work, and loved the way that a mural could command an audience and be the real focal point in a room. So after a second career in sales and marketing, I returned to interior design after the birth of my second child and was keen to incorporate murals in my work. It very quickly became apparent that the murals were very popular and I also realised that I was quite good at it. So in 2009, I decided to focus solely on the murals and drop the interior design. I now have a diverse business providing murals and signs for businesses, care homes, schools and private clients. I also facilitate art workshops for adults, children and those with learning difficulties.

My Business Tips

The business differenciator for me was making my business niche. It is tempting to try and be all things to all people, wspecially at the beginning, but understanding your market and focusing on that seems to reap dividends.
Remember why you are doing it! Running a business is tough and there will be times where you lose your mojo. Focusing on your passions, your reasons for starting your business, will help you through those rough patches.
Outsource the things that you are not good at and focus on the things that you are. This gets rid of procrastination and enables you to be more effective and time efficient.

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