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#SBS has opened up an amazing network for me. The support from fellow winners is fantastic. The opportunities that are accessible to all #SBS winners are unrivaled, especially now we have this website. The immediate boost in twitter followers was so exciting and I am so happy to have been able to meet the man in charge, Mr Theo Paphitis too! I'm looking forward to whatever the future of #SBS holds.

My Bio

Wife to Mr CPL and Mum to Mini CPL. Sussex born and bred, but living in Berks. A Degree holder, an ex-teacher and a domestic goddess in distress.

Cherry Pie Lane makes funky ceramic art - all handmade to order. Each piece is designed and handmade from scratch and handstamped using real-life vintage typography stamps. Our best-selling products by far are the fabulous personalised wedding hearts and children's room signs.

The products that we produce make for wonderful and super thoughtful gifts for Weddings, Anniversaries, Christenings and Birthdays. They are also great presents for yourself and your house. Each piece is made with love and care so that they can take pride of place in your lives and be enjoyed forever.

My Business Tips

Be nice! A very underestimated quality.
Use social media to boost your profile.
Value your support network and bounce business between them.
When you're having a bad day, take a step back & look at how far you've come.

My Latest Offers

**25% off custom handmade business signs for all #SBS winners** quote #SBS on enquiry to: [offer valid to 31.12.12]

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