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Since winning #SBS in August 2011, sales of my Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness DVDs and other online products have increased, AND my profile as an Ante/Postnatal Fitness & Marketing Expert has risen dramatically withing the Fitness Industry.

My Bio

I'm an Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert who's worked with over 950 pregnant and postnatal women (and their babies!).

I'm passionate about empowering and educating pre/postnatal women about the benefits of exercising safely and effectively throughout pregnancy, and immediately after birth, not just for them, but their baby too.

My products include two pre/postnatal fitness DVDs:
*Pregnancy Fitness DVD "Don't let your BUMP get in the way"
*Postnatal Fitness DVD "Now it's YOUR time"

I also mentor Ante/Postnatal Specialists, ensuring they gain the right skills, and regularly run my "Bridging the Gap" Workshops around the UK, where Instructors don't just pick up exercise content and classroom management skills, but the marketing, advertising and business acumen skills too, to ensure their fitness and Pilates aren't just sessions, they're a viable business.

My Business Tips

If you're working part-time now and want to be 100% self-employed in the future, consider leaving your part-time employment 6 months before you think you need too - I wish I'd jumped ship earlier!

"I don't know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everyone" ~ Bill Cosby

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Get some professional photos done and don't be scared to put your smiley profile pic on everything from your business cards, to editorials in magazines, and leaflets and flyers - prospective customers want to see you and make a connection with YOU!

Use video to interact with your customers, increase SEO on your website, and put some personality into your website.

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