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I could not be more excited to be an #SBS winner!! Classical music and babies are two things people don't naturally put together. Yet every single person I've ever spoken about Classical Babies or who has come to a concert, says what a great thing it is! With all the new twitter followers I've acquired tonight, I can't wait to start spreading the word much, much further. My goal is for Classical Babies to be a mainstream baby & toddler activity, as normal as swimming, rhyme-time or Gymboree. Franchising, here I come!

My Bio

I'm a professional violinist of ten years' experience and a mum of two small boys, aged three and one. I studied at the Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal Academy of Music, graduating with a PgDip in Violin Performance, DipRAM and the Beare Prize. I used to be in the BBC Concert Orchestra and now freelance in London. Once I had Gabs in 2009, I missed playing concerts so much and I was also amazed at the interest my tiny baby took in the classical CDs I played and when I played the violin at home. I'd heard of the Mozart Effect before, but it's something else to watch your own child react to the sound of music, to look in his eyes and see those brain connections being made, the synapses firing and his little legs squirming in glee! I really, really, REALLY want all babies to have that. So after a test-run quartet concert in my living room for five of my NCT friends and their babies, I took it into local venues for paying mums and dads and their babies and Classical Babies was born. We now provide concerts all over London and further afield, provide mini-instruments for the toddlers to try after each concert and coffee and cake for the parents. I'm just as passionate about bringing classical music to the parents as the babies. Classical music is for EVERYONE no matter your age or background. It's my passion in life to bring classical music to babies and normalise it in parents' eyes - by being just a mum, like them, who happens to play the violin.

My Business Tips

So far? Never, never, never give up! Be flexible, listen to your customers and look after your health, you'll need it!

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