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The power of the #SBS network is increasing.
We believe in the power of social networks. They potentially increase your marketing reach,helping you to publicise your product / service. The virtuous cycle is reached where both parties gain from a connection.

My Bio

Corn Again reinvented popcorn in 2008 when it brought unusual flavours to the UK market for the first time.
Using ingredients in their cupboards, Catherine and Richard Furze started experimenting with popcorn at their kitchen table in Consett, County Durham, after Catherine's appetite was whetted for the snack while reading a novel by US author Lionel Shriver. Three years later, the company is firmly established on the foodies' map of the UK, and is available in fine food stores, delis and farm shops across the whole of the UK.

My Business Tips

Cashflow is your lifeblood - manage it carefully.
Don't try and run before you can walk.
Differentiate yourself from your competitors. What is your USP?
Ask yourself searching questions - does your business fulfil a real need or desire?
Don't throw lots of money at PR and marketing - it won't be enough, unless you have an inheritance or a rich investor.
Be honest in your business dealings.
Understand the basics of financial planning.

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