My Buzz

As well as a love for graphic design (which I've been in or around) for the past 25 years. Paul is well-known as 'The madman in the goldfish suit' (a role he readily accepts), that is until people talk with him, and suddenly realise that maybe - just maybe - the madman isn't as mad as they first think!

Paul is an avid networker as he understands the power of conversations, relationship-building and generating a know, like & trust culture. He can be found at a number of events around the Midlands and hosts a Business Buzz Networking event known as #LeicesterBuzz where he delights in helping to create connections for the participants.

His other passions are socialising, travel and quick breaks around the UK with his new wife (since Nov 22) and their numerous dogs. He likes Football but doesn't get to go to matches much anymore - such is the life of a sole trader!

My Bio

Coolgoldfish Designs is a graphic design business working primarily B2B. We produce logos, brochure & banner design, business card design and all the other aspects you'd expect from a graphic design business - but then we went further and started producing video business cards that people could use for their online networking, social media platforms, blogs and even emails. We also produce TV Screen displays for public facing businesses. These should NEVER be considered to be an advertising medium - after all, no one likes being sold to. Instead they should be considered a communication tool between you and your customers

Coolgoldfish Designs was officially founded in January 2020 (what a great time to start a business venture), however with the events of that year, there was a very VERY steep learning curve! Very quickly we learnt that if we wanted to remain viable, we had to become more visible - we quickly adapted this to become our business tagline, but not only this, we were determined to help other small business owners to do the same!

We live by this philosophy today! Making a difference for our clients is always what we strive for! First business is always nice - but return business is better!

My Business Tips

"You've got to stay visible, to stay viable" - A simple phrase, but with so many meanings - if you're not staying in your potential clients eyeline, then you are invisible - and nobody does business with the invisible man/woman - because they don't know you're even there!