My Buzz

Really excited to have won my SBS award and to have entered into such a welcoming supportive community.

My Bio

I make home accessories and gifts from copper pipe and fittings. I sell my products via my Etsy shop and direct enquiries via facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest.
Always happy to be approached to design a new product and be commissioned for a bespoke item, custom made for a special occasion or area of your home, i.e. this can range from magazine racks for cafebars, to candleholders for wedding tables etc. I make a wide range of products from bathroom accessories, toilet roll holders to candleholders, to hooks, magazine racks, desk accessories, the list is endless. Ironically I am also married to a plumber!

My Business Tips

Social media really does make a difference!
Have the strength and self determination to persevere, and above all have faith in yourself!

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