My Buzz

we are so excited to have been chosen by Theo for an SBS award. I have been entering for over a year now and so happy Theo has seen my little business. I have been trying so hard to concur the small business world and finally feel like I have.
cant thank Theo enough for choosing us.

My Bio

I'm a mother to 2 girls and started my small business journey while staying at home and looking after my first born. I originally went to college and studied to be a teaching assistant/nursey nurse.
I then found the Instagram world of joining small shops teams by helping promote them and advertising their makes. I got sucked in to the excitement of owning my own business, making people happy with my products. I discovered novelty crayons and just loved the idea. From there Crayation Station was born.

My Business Tips

my biggest tip is on Instagram, twitter and facebook, make friends with shops and join networking groups. promote each other. SUPPORT is massive. someone could share your products, which spreads the word to their followers, who then tell their friends.
They will like your photos for likes returned. this will bump your posts to others to find you. its such an amazing way to find outstanding shops.
also networking hours on twiiter are fantastic. SUPPORT is huge. follow others and help each other. cant stress it enough

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