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To produce the highest quality hand made, luxury lead crystal possible.
Crystal without compromise.

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Cumbria Crystal is the last producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut, full-lead English crystal in the United Kingdom. Using only traditional glassmaking processes, the small team of 21 highly skilled artisans are committed to making superb crystal of the highest quality, using techniques and processes that have hardly changed since the Roman era.
It is therefore hardly surprising Cumbria Crystal it is the crystal of choice for British Embassies, many Royal Families and Luxury Stores worldwide and has been featured extensively in Downton Abbey, James Bond and numerous period dramas including Poldark.

Set in Ulverston, a small town in the beautiful English Lake District, visitors are welcome to watch the choreographed alchemy of glass blowing, browse the Factory Shop and on occasion even try making some glass themselves.

Unlike the majority of crystal manufacturers Cumbria Crystal specialises in working with lead crystal. The benefits of lead crystal - the increased refractive index promoting brilliant sparkle in the cut and a reassuring weight in the hand, outweigh the additional complexities associated with the manufacture and ensure a superior product exuding character and uniqueness. Cumbria Crystal epitomises the best of British glass manufacture. Our glassmaking heritage and use of traditional techniques mean that every aspect of the creative process is done by hand in the factory. All the crystal is completely mouth blown by our team of five glass blowers and hand cut on diamond wheels. A typical Grasmere wine goblet can easily take 45-60 minutes to cut. Nothing is subcontracted or produced anywhere else.

As well as the supply and manufacture of the core bar and stemware Collections, of which there are currently ten, Cumbria Crystal has worked closely on the development and manufacture of bespoke products for luxury retailers, distillers and individuals including - David Linley, Asprey, Bentley, Spey Distillers, Goviers, Lee Broom, Glyndebourne & Hamilton & Inches.

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Never give up and only accept the best.

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