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CYNEFN (Kin∙evn)

Derived from the Welsh word meaning the place where you feel you ought to live, where the nature feels right and welcoming, where your soul feels at home; Cynefn was born in a global pandemic, at a time of great uncertainty, political unrest, and amidst a growing mental health and environmental crisis.

Our mission is to welcome you home, to your personal Cynefn, or “Soul place” where you feel safe and comforted in your environment, home, and mind.

We believe that home comforts and beautiful interiors shouldn’t cost us the Earth, and at Cynefn, they don’t. Our customers can shop in confidence knowing that their purchase isn’t having a negative impact on our planet, it’s people, or animals - in fact, their purchase will leave a positive environmental footprint, supporting global environmental initiatives, with measurable stats and impact reports.

At Cynefn we produce timeless, museum-grade, archival art which will last a lifetime, without fading or going out of style. Each piece of art is digitally re-mastered, ensuring the brush strokes are as beautiful as the day they were created – often over 100 years ago.

We then print onto FSC certified paper with non-toxic, water-based inks, and ship to our customers in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, via climate conscious couriers. Learn more about our eco-friendly art prints.

As a female-founded business we are passionate about promoting artists who were traditionally under-represented during their lifetimes - most often women, and we actively seek inclusive artwork to include in our collections.

We are still a young brand but we have big goals and hope to nurture a community where everyone feels included and valued.

We recognise that sustainability starts at home, but the climate crisis can’t be solved by one business alone. That’s why we only partner with brands who share our ethical values, and ensure that our suppliers treat people, and our planet, well.

We will never sell or promote animal products.

Carbon Positive | Female-founded | Autism Aware

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Meet Laura, our founder

Laura is an illustrator-designer who has created artwork for clients including Hyatt Regency and The Royal Mint, she is the illustrator-author of #OOTD, The Fashion Flat Lay Colouring Book.

At the age of 40, Laura discovered she was neurodivergent and suffering from burnout - a severe state of physical and emotional exhaustion, brought on by the strain of trying to keep up with the demands of a world designed for neurotypical people.

After a period of recovery and adjusting to her new normal, Laura found comfort in her surroundings at home and spending time outdoors in nature. She founded Cynefn to help others seeking comfort, affirmation and belonging during these uncertain and unsettling times.

Every product in our store is hand picked or designed by Laura, drawing on her background as an illustrator and her education in Art History (CalArts) and Interior Design (OCN)

My Business Tips

1. Start ups are hard and each one faces its own challenges. You constantly feel like you don't know what you are doing and that's OK - just when you start to figure things out, something new will come along. You're not expected to know everything.

2. Identify your weaknesses, hire someone help you in these areas and let them take ownership of them.

3. Be biased to take action - don't waste your time overthinking and planning.

4. Only a few numbers really matter, know what they are and track them.

5. Follow your heart - stay true to your ethics and create a product/service you love.

6. Celebrate your wins!

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