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Mediterranean lifestyle - Lover of sunrises and sunsets by the sea with great outdoor bbq food in the company of good friends and family!

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We are the UK's number 1 supplier of traditional Greek Cypriot rotisserie charcoal barbecue sets and accessories.

If you have ever been to Cyprus (or if you have Cypriot friends in the UK) you will have most probably tasted the delicious souvla and souvlaki kebabs from takeaways and restaurant tavernas.

With our authentic Cyprus BBQ sets you can now experience the taste of Cyprus at home with your friends and family.

Please visit our website where you can purchase with confidence. All the items on our website are in stock in our UK warehouse and we offer Free UK delivery on all orders.

My Business Tips

Never give up -
Believe in your vision -
Trust your gut feel (it's probably always right!!) -
Build your business based on long term relationships.

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