My Buzz

We were really excited when we won the #sbs and felt very honoured to be picked! as it was our first week of trying we really could not believe it! It has most definitely given our company a boost. As we are quite a new company - It has enabled us to make new contacts and also a few more sales. It has been a really great experience!

My Bio

Daisy Mooo begun through being unable to find good quality, unique products for the home. We started making products for our own homes as a little hobby, then our friends started to ask us to make things for their homes, we started to realise that we enjoyed making our products so much that we would have a go at making it more than a hobby and turn it into a little business!!
We are really directed by the colourful and quirky, and we make our products to what we like rather than going on certain 'trends' of the moment.
We believe in making good quality handmade products at affordable prices. We love what we do and are constantly dreaming up new products to add to our collections.

My Business Tips

Believe in what you do, don't be afraid of new situations - as thoose situations can sometimes turn into great things! Dont listen to the doubters! - Love what you do!

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